Mishka Rushdie Momen at St Barnabas

Some exquisite piano playing from Mishka Rushdie Momen at St Barnabas today. Schubert`s Wanderer Fantasy and Schumann`s Waldszenen given remarkably mature readings with such refined musicianship it made you wish that the Florestan element in her playing could have been brought more to the fore to provide more rhythmic contrasts. But this was a real poet speaking intent on sharing her dream with us as was obvious from the Janacek “In the mist ” offered to an insistent and surprisingly numerous public. Ideally suited to the sound world of Schumann where Eusebius is predominant in these late Schumann pieces some really beautiful sounds had the audience almost evesdropping on these poetic musings. The Beethovenian Schubert of the “Wanderer” although musicianly shaped with some really beautiful moments particularly in the very Wanderer movement lacked the rhythmic drive and impulse so much part of this particular work. Hats off to Hugh Mather and his remarkable team that have assembled such a discerning and loyal public that allow him to offer engagements to some remarkable artists and give them the much needed concert experience. Also for discovering some of the more extraordinary talents from those now frequenting our Academies. Next concert on Sunday at 15 of another remarkable pianist very much in view Ashley Fripp and following closely on Dinara Klinton,Evgeny Genchev and Tessa Uys with Ben Schoeman


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