Martin Ivanov at St James’s

The young Bulgarian pianist Martin Ivanov in recital at St.James`s Sussex Gardens today. Beautiful church with a good Boston piano .A new venue that is starting to make a name for itself for the quality of its concerts. This week already two fine young Bulgarian pianists Evgeny Genchev and Martin Ivanov and on the 23 April the distinguished veteran pianist Paul Badura Skoda at the age of 88 will give a recital including Beethoven`s last sonata Some very refined playing from Ivanov especially appreciated was his subtle poetry allied to sophisticated jeux perle so rarely found these days and reminiscent of the so called Golden Age of piano playing as of Magaloff,Bolet or indeed Rosenthal and Lhevine. Starting the recital with Liszt`s transcription of the Gounod Faust Waltz once again full of subtle poetry but also never lacking in the transcendental virtuosity when required. Of course the refined subtle poetry of some waltzes and nocturnes of Chopin were ideally suited to this young pianists notable artistry. The nocturne in D flat was allowed to sing in a simple natural way as only maturity can allow. In fact this young pianist seems born to play the piano, as was obvious from the moment he sat down at the keyboard . Never a moment of doubt from fingers that seemed to belong to the keys they were caressing with such finesse. The A flat Polonaise revealed all the heroism necessary to bring this remarkable recital to a rousing conclusion


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