Another pianist from Norma Fisher`s remarkable stable from the RCM . Aleksandar Pavlović the young Serbian pianist on Elton Johns piano in the Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall today. Originally known as the West Theatre where the first performance ever was given by an RCM student: Mr Barton in1884. And now 130 years later still a venue for some of the remarkable talent being trained at the RCM . From the first note on this not easy piano Aleksandar demonstrated his musical credentials with a beautiful cantabile sound revealing a true ear for balance as well as the real meaning of “peso”. Youthful feelings were at the fore sometimes sacrificing simplicity for youthful passion.The Schumann Kinderszenen deeply felt and some magical moments .Some unexpected slow tempi and fluctuations revealed also a real thinking musician but with a real heart With maturity he will learn how to let his heart beat without interfering with the tempo or fundamental pulse.Not an easy lesson for a young and passionate youth.To let your heart beat in time to the music. Sounds so simple but believe me it is not! Was it not Sir John Barbirolli ,on hearing of criticism of Jacqueline Dupre’s youthful passion ,exclaiming that if you don’t play with passion when you are young what do you pare off later in life. This most improbable looking romantic exclaiming how he loved it………..and so did her adoring public …….it was all we were destined to have.Che meraviglia. Some really beautiful moments in the Schumann but where the problem of the pedals was not always happily resolved. The youthful Brahms F minor Sonata again partly suffered from youthful passion at the expense of allowing the music to unfold simply by this exceptionally talented young man. In the coda of the slow movement the two youths met~Brahms and Pavlovic ,and it was a moment of sheer magic,stage managed with consumate skill. We await with great anticipation what maturity of this already remarkable artist will bring us. Always so admirable how Norma Fisher instills in these superb young pianists ,the importance of roots firmly planted in the ground,allowing the branches to flow in their own particular manner without interfering with their own unique personality. Was it not Chopin who explained this very idea to his own pupils. How lucky these great talents are to have such an expert adviser in their formative years that are so fundamental for a young artist. Hats off!


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