Pressler at the RAM

Menahem Pressler at the Royal Academy today to receive their highest award. Of course what was of even more importance was what he had to share with the two young trios who played Beethoven op1 n2 and Mendelssohn D minor. Thanking him afterwards I said how wonderful it was to see him in such magnificent form after his miraculous rebirth from an aneurism recently. I said I was looking forward to seeing him and Dame Fanny in Oxford again this summer.He said she is ahead of me in years 95 to his mere 91.But as I told him they are both very rare examples of people that actually listen to every note with musical ears And so it was at the RAM today what a revelation to be reminded that the most important thing for a musician is to really listen to themselves with heart ,soul and intelligence.
Can thank you ever be enough.Pressler with Lady Weidenfeld and Alberto Portugheis



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