Luca Buratto and the Giants Sala dei Giganti today 17th January 2016

Wonderful sunny day in Padua today for two Sunday recitals by two very remarkable young pianists.
The first in the Sala dei Giganti by Luca Buratto winner of the prestigeous Honens competition in Canada .
The last time I was in this magnigificent hall was with Perlemuter all those years ago when Filippo Juvarra begged me to bring him to Padua after his debut in Italy at the age of 81.We also shared Annie Fischer in the same way- Teatro Ghione,Rome and Sala dei Giganti ,Padua.
Alas neither Perlemuter or Annie Fischer are still with us but Filippo still is and it is thanks to him that we can hear some remarkable young musicians on a Sunday morning in Padua.
Luca ,amazingly similar to his teacher Davide Cabassi who gave so many memorable recitals for us in Rome for a series twinned with that remarkable Academy in Como directed by William Nabore.
The influence on Luca was evident as it was with Davide …..coming from the revolutionary playing of Radu Lupu.
Even the same chair with a back and the extreme exploration of those magical sounds between piano and pianissimo and the true legato that Wilhelm Kempff was searching for in his mature years.
How to reconcile this Eusebius with his twin Floristan of course is always the question and not always easy to resolve.
The magical sounds in Thomas Ades Darkness Visible were beautifully realised thanks also to a very fine Steinway concert grand in Luca’s delicate hands..
The beautiful hand gestures,reminiscent of Rosalyn Tureck ,in Bach’s Capriccio on dearly departed brother led to a finely shaped performance.
If in the Debussy Estampes ,as elsewhere it seemed that Luca’s left foot was happiest on the soft pedal and was always seen hovering rather lost when it was not,there were many magical sounds from this really ultra sensitive musician. It was just missing that sense if rhythmic contrast so important where the impression is already present in the notes especially in Debussy.
Schumann Carnaval remarkable for the lack of sentimentality that we are all to often treated to.
In fact surprisingly masculine Chopin that really for the first time seemed to fit into the structure of the piece.Leading to a superb virtuoso rendering of Paganini.Rarely can it have been given such a secure rendition. Aveu again without a hint of sentimentality led to a strangely angular March of David against the Philistines . In all a very original and in many ways poetic performance where the reconciliation between Florestan and Eusebius was not totally resolved.
A single encore of sheer magic in Schumann’s Davidsbundler n.14 showed us that we were lucky this morning to be in the hands of a real poet- Eusebius in fact, and like Davide Cabassi,Radu Lupu and Kempff , we were in the presence of a real magician trying to convince us that in that big black box of strings and hammers there are so many magical sounds to be found and here was someone on a voyage of discovery intent on finding them. Bon Voyage Maestro Buratto you have found the right path on your voyage of discovery and thank you for sharing it with us this morning.


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