Alberto Portugheis 75th Birthday Concert

Alberto Portugheis 75th Birthday concert at .St.James Piccadilly. So many beautiful moments from a life dedicated to beauty and peace. A Mozart Sonata in C K.330 played in what one would now a days call “old style”,but is that such a bad thing if the music is allowed to speak with such a human voice. So many beautiful things in what must be one of the most passionate performances of Schuberts last and perhaps greatest sonata .Maybe exagerated the naked passion exposed by Alberto on this occasion,but as he said afterwards, Schubert knew that he was dying and would you too not have moments of sublime serenity mixed with anguished rebellion. Not a moment of boredom or indifference in this performance .All the more remarkable when you consider the enormous scope of this, one of the real ” Romantic” men of yesteryear. Enough to think that Alberto Portugheis was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008 for his Peace work and proposals .All the more remarkable when you remember that as a young man ,great friend of Martha Argerich,he won first prize at the Geneva Concours de Virtuosite’. Birds of a feather indeed not only for their remarkable music but above all for their great humanity.


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