Miracles in Rome

Miraculous performance in Rome tonight of the Ebene Quartet with Mitsuko Uchida. Five magnificent musicians playing as one . This young french Quartet looking hard at each other rather than the score which they had obviously fully digested .The cellist in particular in sublime sintonia with the viola .The first violin providing the impetus with subtelty and passion. A revolutionary sounding Haydn op 20 n.2 followed by a sublime rendering of the Ravel Quartet. Of course joined after the interval by Mitsuko Uchida we were treated to an exemplary reading of the Schumann Quintet. If in her effort to be an integral part of this magnificent music making,she was almost too retiscent, it may well be that we have become too used to this old war horse being played by a soloist with the addition of a string quartet. The shortest of encores, one of the little pieces op 19 n.2 by Schoenberg .The same she had played this summer at the Proms after a massive performance of Schoenbergs Piano Concerto this summer. What music ! What a breath of fresh air was breathed tonight …… A real miracle I would say. P.S. It was not for nothing that Rosalyn Tureck voted for her in the Leeds Competition all those years ago. She came in second with Andras Schiff – Dmitri Alexeev won.
Radu Lupu who plays in Rome tonight (K467)won first prize by a hairs breath( Curzon did not vote him into the final round!!!!)in the previous one. Murray Perahia the one before. Small world but great talent will always out. Thank God!


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