Florian Heinisch at Steinway Hall

 Interesting concert at Steinway Hall of the pianist Florian Heinisch for the Keyboard Charitable Trust. In the presence of the composer Sidney Corbett ,the world premier of his PostScript(to an unsent letter). A very evocative piece full of atmospheric sounds beautifully realised by Florian. Schonbergs 6 piano pieces op23 ,this very complex piece fully rendered without the score. If the classical repertoire did not have the finish or the polish of his contemporary interpretations ,the choice of Images lib.1 ,Bachs B major Prelude and Fugue BWV 893 and the rarely heard two movement sonata op 54 of Beethoven ,showed a refreshingly informed musical mind in his choice of repertoire Of course the real hero of the evening was Dott.von Bredow ,founder member and trustee of the KCT who has done more than anyone ,with his passion for music, to promote young artists,providing many concert engagements not only throughout Germany but expanding almost daily to include Turkey,Jerusalem and Spain. For he knows that it is only through playing in public regularly that these very gifted young artists can aspire to take their just place in the profession. Little could we imagine that Moritz von Bredow will have 97 patients tomorrow morning, clammering for his professional consultancy in his clinic in Germany. Passion for music and helping the young evidently has no limits at the KCT. “Hats off” indeed.


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