FINAL DAY SERMONETA -final concert



And so the final day arrived ……………the Final Concert .The much awaited concert at the end of the masterclasses …….How would it be without Elisso Virsaladze?We need not have worried for all the rigour and seriousness were present in Elisso assistant Jacob Katsnelson.A bit like a train journey the Regionale/Intercity or Freccia Rossa all with the same destination in view but different times and methods for arriving.


And so it was at the beginning for Ivan Valentino,Alessandro Romagnoli and Davide Di Rienzo ,all talents in formation ,Davide Di Rienzo,in particular ,a seventeen year old local boy in Chopin’s Second Scherzo already on the way to giving an accomplished performance .Evgeny Genchev had flown in especially to meet Elisso Virsaladze but was as happy to play to Jacob Katsnelson as he was to hear him. Evgeny from the Keyboard Charitable Trust that has forged a link with the Campus Internazionale Di Musica ,as has Elisso Virsaladze over the years .A link forged on a mutual intent to help young talent reach their goal with dedication and seriousness .A transcendental performance from Evgeny Genchev of Skryabin Fantasie – every bit as powerful as Emanuel Rimoldis had been a few days earlier in the Palazzo Baronale in Fondi( this too, as is so much in this area ,part of the Caetani heritage)Sofia Vasheruk followed with a beautiful performance of the rarely heard Debussy Reverie ……beautiful to listen to and behold and led on to an equally ravishing Ravel Sonatine and the Rachmaninoff Prelude in D major .Finishing with an Etude Tableaux that showed off all her early Russian training .Liebestod by Wagner/Liszt ended the concert with Evgeny Genchev showing us all his sense of balance , colour and line that had the audience in hushed silence for minutes at the end where such an atmosphere had been created no one dared move .Evgeny had just an hour before regaled an astonished Jacob with accomplished performances of Liszt Dante Sonata and Skryabin third Sonata who did not want to tire Evgeny before the concert …. I think it was indeed Jacob that was more exhausted as we indeed saw an hour later in the concert.Some remarkable piano playing this week and let us not forget the remarkable performance that Emanuel Rimoldi gave too in Fondi of that much neglected masterpiece of Schumann – his Humoresque.Both Evgeny and Emanuel helped by the Keyboard Charitable Trust and leads to great expectation for Vitaly Pisarenko ,the last of this years trio of pianists fromThe Keyboard Charitable Trust on the 27th July for the Campus Internazionale di Musica – this time in Sabaudia


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