Sensational indeed as Lisa Peacock said today,and she should know.>  The intoxicating sounds that bewitched us surely touched our senses> from the moths,to the boat on the ocean and the bells in the> valley.And we could almost smell them such was his control and> artistry on a very ungrateful piano that had even Graham Johnson> marvelling.After his Alborada we even came out to the interval> clicking our heels,such was his capacity to evoke all the marvellous> things that Ravel had laid before him .A real magician , but also the> devil in disguise as he torpedoed us into Prokofiev’s 6th- one of the> three war sonatas- with a violent energy and massive contrasts-no> orchestra could have>  competed with this performance.The layers of sound that he managed > to> create with that ungrateful box of wires and hammers took our breath> away had the audience sitting on the edge of their seats.>  But the most magical moment was kept for last .A Bach/Siloti prelude> of such subtle, whispered colouring to almost defy belief that this> was the same instrument and pianist that had bombarded us with> percussive sounds just before.>  If in the Beethoven he missed the energy within the silences this > was> the choice of a great musical mind at work – his!>  Sensational indeed dear Lisa and thanks to you and the Keyboard > Trust> the stars were shining brightly at the Wigmore last night>>


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