Cristian Sandrin Visions of Life dedicated to his father Sandu Sandrin .

Wed 26 Apr 2023 7.30pm – 9.00pm 

Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke’s, London

Ludwig van Beethoven 
Piano Sonata in E-major major Op 109
Piano Sonata in A-flat major Op 110
Piano Sonata in C minor Op 111

Cristian Sandrin piano

The distinguished pianist and pedagogue Sandu Sandrin with Radu Lupu

Visions of Life. ….a memorable occasion dedicated to the distinguished pianist Sandu Sandrin by his son …………….we await the video recording with the Scriabin Colour Keyboard :Blue for E major op 109; Purple for A flat op 110;Red for C minor op 111.And three superb performance of Beethoven’s farewell to the Sonata as he at last finds peace and serenity and a Vision of the life that awaits.

I have written many times about Cristian’s performance of the Trilogy that I have heard slowly maturing over the past two years.Today was something special as he gathered all his strength and courage to pay tribute to his father who passed away in November last year.A performance that was video recorded in the same hall that had seen the recording of Zimerman and Rattle with the five Beethoven Concertos.Cristian not only shared his voyage of discovery with us but also wrote the programme notes and chose from from Scriabin’s Colour Keyboard the lights that discreetly created rays of light for each sonata.

A full hall with many distinguished guests Tessa Uys with Siva Oke of Somm Records

Earthly. Tragic. Exalted. Delve into Beethoven’s magisterial late works for the piano, as acclaimed Romanian-British pianist Cristian Sandrin examines the intricate pianism and the complex narratives told by his Piano Sonatas Op 109, 110 and 111.

Sieva Oke of Somm records with the distinguished critic and pianofile Bryce Morrison

Composed in tandem with the Missa Solemnis and the Diabelli Variations, and in spite of Beethoven’s aggravating deafness and social isolation, these Sonatas reveal an optimistic approach to life and music, as well as painting a vast emotional and psychological landscape. We observe the composer searching for the spiritual whilst resurrecting old styles or experimenting with innovative ideas – formidable artistic acts that would influence the course of music and inspire an entire new generation of artists and musicians, the Romantics.

Cristian’s mother had flown in especially for this tribute for her husband from their son……….with Mihai Ritivoiu the distinguished Romanian pianist helping his friend and colleague with the editing of the recording

Mrs Sandrin with french colleague of her son,Philippe Duffour

LSO St Luke’s

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